Spot Sniffs Out Preferred Dining for Traveling Diabetics.

Real-time blood glucose risk scores before ordering.






The number of fast food restaurants have more than doubled in America


Death Certificates listing diabetes as an underlying cause of death in 2018

The Risks of Excess Ingredients and It's Affect On Life Expectancy

My name is Laurence Wingo and I’m the CEO of Maw and Paw.

My Grandmother was the breadwinner of our family and also the educator of how to live properly through exercise and eating the right things even while living as a diabetic. As she reached older years of age, she needed someone to chauffeur her around town primarily for Church and Sunday dinner. As an obedient child, we would pick her favorite restaurants to dine in while traveling. Her favorites were The Varsity, Picadilly, or even just Burger King to have a conversation about how to handle my own business. With today's social and economical issues, I wish there was something I use for helping her live longer.

What I’m building this weekend at Hack GT is an app called My-Spot. My-Spot will save billions in health care dollars by providing technology to fetch better dining decisions while in synch with real-time continuous glucose monitors. My-Spot provides real-time blood glucose calculations to calculate meal recommendations based on a users desired cuisine choice and current glucose level. Users can also earn insurance points which can be redeemed as discounts at the recommended restaurants. Earning insurnace points happens by completing actionable exercise events which can be tracked through the app.

I built this application using Apple frameworks available on the device such as Core Bluetooth, UIKit, MapKit, and Core Location. Majority of the work completed today has been towards changing the user interface of both the website and the app in order to create a prototype.

Our market to make money can be two fold. We can sell this technology to insurance companies as the primary source of revenue for delivering the solution to hospitals. For those grandmother’s who don’t have insurance, then a subscription based model for the app would become available after a 7-day trial. Even for those grandparents who can’t afford the monthly subscription then we will provide a social good by providing the most popular restaurant recommendations from the app.

The total available market in the State of Georgia is 1,111,000 which is the number of prediabetic patients who don’t even know they have high blood pressure. A subset of that population in the State of Georgia would be our target market which are individuals or families in the greater Atlanta area that prefer to dine out. I’m projecting a revenue stream that is north of $5 to $10 billion dollars.

The industry we’re disrupting is healthech and our unique benefit to the customer consists of real-time blood glucose with preferred dining options and a hope that it saves other people’s grandmothers.

How does Meet Spot. work?

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Meet Spot: Analyze Near By Restaurant Menus with Your Current Blood Glucose Levels for better dining

The exercise section of the app is an internet of things concept. The iPhone device connects to a custom engineered dog collar created by Maw & Paw ATL which vibrates through mini motors after receiving WiFi and Bluetooth packets from the MySpot iOS application.

Using vibrating mini motors, the Arduino transmits various vibrating patterns depending on the type of alert wheter it's a hypotensive attack for low blood sugar levels or a hypertensive attack for high blood sugar levels. This type of micro controller is a Arduino Huzzard 32.

See Spot Run: Spot Sniffs Out Restaurant Menus of Your Choice and Within Your Proximity

NutritionIX/Yelp Concentrating as a Human Learning and Development major, Laurence Wingo volunteered at WellStar Atlanta Medical Center within the intensive care unit for neurology.  Prominent cases within the unit consisted of patients suffering from hemorrhagic strokes. An observation from this Atlanta population concluded that patients were either at risk prior to having a stroke or were pre-diagnosed with having diabetes. Lack of blood flow to the brain could also cause depression. According to the British Medical Journal, it is proposed that depression is the dysfunctional state arising from inadequate rates of blood flow to deliver necessary oxygen and nutrients to sustain normal tissue function in specific regions of the brain.

Using Emotiv’s Epoc+, we could possibly send triggers in an application when blood glucose levels become abnormal producing changes in neurophysiological activity.

Where's Spot? What if you took Spot for a run and received Meal Discounts For Being Active?

The Maw & Paw project was created to reinforce alert training for diabetic alert dogs. The goals is to provide a secondary cue to preform alerting behaviors when owners are having problems requiring urgent attention and treatment.

Diabetic alert dogs can detect drops or rises in blood glucose levels ahead of meters, often by 15 to 30 minutes.

See Spot Play Fetch! Spot Can Place Orders Through Postmates for Food Delivery

If the owners were to document eating habits in the app, then caloric intake is shared with the blood glucose levels within HealthKit on the users iPhone. If blood glucose levels rise or get too low (typically below 75 and above 200), the Maw & Paw app will send Bluetooth packets to the Arduino to alert the dog as a second cue while using heightened senses for scents of the owner. This app seeks to help dog owners with training to develop diabetic alert dogs while building the necessary life they need in return.

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Increasing The Life Expectancy For People Who Don't Have Time

Living with excess leads to unhealthy consumerism habits such as lack of physical stimulation through exercise and poor diet choices for rewarding and subjective pleasures. A leading factor from overconsumption in the south can be in the form of diabetes. The American Diabetes Association uses the hashtag #EverydayReality on social media to connect with people and promote diabetes awareness which is the seventh leading cause of bereavement according to the CDC. Cultural stigmas in the south are usually based upon bootstrapping from nothing until there is socioeconomic movement even without necessary resources. Life moves slower in the south but can rapidly increase through the lens of consumerism, southern charm, loyalty, and being supportive to certain communities. Celebrations are commonly viewd as not applying purchasing power in moderation. Southern comfort begins to develop which occasionally leads to unnoticed risks of not everything being equal such as the brain requiring clean and appropriate blood flow to operate at its best. Unknowingly, sufferers with type 2 diabetes mellitus are 2 to 3 times more likely to suffer from mental depression whereas over 205,000 Georgia residents don't know they are at risk. Maw & Paw realizes that health management in the south can feel like being required to participate in cotillion courses in which were used for proper ettiquete courses to become southern belles or gentlemen. Our ambition is to avoid cotillion types of self care by leading by example and providing helpful content. The links below investigate life expecancy across the United States.

Reviews From Previous Coding Experience

Vinay Sharma

Stanley Black & Decker

I appreciate and thank you for all your efforts towards making the Tool Connect project a success. You joined the team at a juncture where we needed somebody like you to hit the ground running, you did exactly that and more. I am a firm believer of the fact that for a team to be successful every team member needs to contribute fully, you were a key part of the team and you did contribute 100%. I wish you success in all your future endeavors.

Tracey Pickett, ESQ


Very few companies are lucky enough to find a developer as talented, hard-working, and reliable as Laurence! He is a true team player, rescuing as we went through heavy iOS development cycles. He has truly become one of Eboticon's most valuable assets. I highly recommend this guy!

Herb Ford

Turner Broadcasting

I personally hired Mr. Wingo because of his experience with mobile development. I placed him within our QA team to assist in leading mobile testing. He has worked with both our domestic and international teams to test advertising campaigns before launch into production environments. Definitely dependable, hard-working, and always willing to go the extra mile in a short amount of time.

Tiffany Green-Abdullah

Georgia State University

I initially met Laurence through PantherHackers, the technology student organization that I advise. Laurence has been a great asset to the Digital Learners to Leaders Summer Camp Program. He was a summer camp instruction assistant for 2 summers. Having his development expertise was instrumental to encouraging our young campers to be interested in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). He is great role model. I am excited to see him develop Maw and Paw and hope to support its development through other programs at Georgia State University.

Debra Cronin

Perimeter College - Georgia State University

Laurence has been working as a web developer utilizing various web development tools He has contributed to our team by presenting creative ideas and being able to articulate the benefits. We have received nothing but positive feedback from our customers, and we continually receive requests for his services. I highly recommend Laurence for employment. He is a team player, consistent, dependable, and would make a great asset to any organization.

Troy Scott Smith

Georgia Perimeter College

Laurence came to GPC having already begun a couple of start-up enterprises in web design, so he's something of a quiet, unassuming go-getter!

When it was time for the expansion of the Office of Information Technology Customer Service Deparment, Laurence was the first person I thought should interview for a web design position with them, and he was the first hired. He worked with a fledgling team, interacted with directors, assistant directors, and others, from a multitude of different areas inside and outside of OIT, to help develop the site. That project is now in its final stages.

To sum up, Laurence has impressed us with his abilities and genial demeanor. Not only is he a nice guy to have around, but it is quite easy to believe that Laurence will accomplish anything he sets his mind to achieve.

Monique Murray Rainey

Ryan Cameron Foundation

Laurence has volunteered with the Ryan Cameron Foundation (RCF) a total of 60 hours over the past year. He has participated in programs such as, 4th Annual Health Fair, 10th Annual Father Daughter Dance, and Adopt-A-Highway Clean Ups. Laurence has been a volunteer for the last 2 years and spends 20-40 hours annually volunteering for RCF.

The Ryan Cameron Foundation is an Atlanta based non-profit 501c3 organization committed to the youth of Atlanta. The RCF is dedicated to creating healthy transitions from childhood into adulthood with resources and programs designed to empower, inspire, and encourage self growth.

Kevin Kelley

Georgia Bureau of Investigation

Mr. Laurence Wingo has been employed with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation assigned to the GCIC Connectivity section within the Georgia Crime Information Center, since May 2007. During this time period he has proven himself to be a very valuable employee. He is self motivated and does not hesitate to ask questions and do whatever it takes to get the job done. He has an excellent work ethic, extremely good personal skills, and is very dependable. In my opinion, with all the excellent qualities that Mr. Wingo possesses, he would be a valuable asset to anyone that selects him for employment.