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The Risks of Excess and It's Affects On Life Expectancy

Maw and Paw is an interdisciplinary company with a passion for computer programming, health informatics, while referencing education in relation to human development. We're creating a health promotional campaign called My-Spot for drawing light to the collective American issue of the number one cause of death in the United States and that is coronary heart disease. The disease occurs when plaque develops in the arteries and blood vessels that lead to the heart. This blocks important nutrients and oxygen from reaching your heart. Plaque is a waxy substance made up of cholesterol, fatty molecules, and minerals. Plaque accumulates over time when the inner lining of an artery is damaged by high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, or triglycerides. Normal blood sugar levels are less than 100 mg/dl after not eating (fasting) for at least eight hours. And they’re less than 149 mg/dl two hours after eating. During the day, levels tend to be at their lowest just before meals. My-Spot calculates blood glucose in real-time for it's users while conducting a search for restaurants in your area. My-spot provides before and after blood glucose readings based on desired meals of the user so that they will know the projected effects throughout their day for choosing a certain dish. The desired outcome is for users to become more mindful of how their daily food choices will affect their day. Users can also save restaurants to their profile as what is known as “their new spot” so connections will know foods they enjoy and when they’re at their best. The exercise portion of the app keeps track of the users blood glucose level in real-time while they exercise in order to become familiar with their ranges of exhaustion while also pushing themselves for a healthier lifestyle. To make it more admirable and adopted by the culture, the app serves as a real-time blood glucose supervision tool that educates users about their health while also providing an internet of things dog collar for training those closest to you, your dog. Diabetic Alert Dogs are trained to alert diabetic owners in advance of low (hypoglycemia) or high (hyperglycemia) blood sugar events before they become dangerous. Diabetic Alert Dogs can help you live a more confident and independent lifestyle. The dog collar serves as a second cue for trained Diabetic Alert Dogs.

My-Spot Application and Hardware:

  • Glucose predictions using Rest APIs for calorie and serving sized based information for meals.
  • An exercise tracker which adjusts glucose levels based on the amounts of exercise in order to know your peak.
  • Bluetooth connected vibrating collar as a complimentary product for alert dog owners.
  • An interactive map for identifying newly desired and beneficial restaurants based on the users location.

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Health Tracker

Arduino Huzzah 32

The exercise section of the app is an internet of things concept. The iPhone device connects to a custom engineered dog collar created by Maw & Paw ATL which vibrates through mini motors after receiving WiFi and Bluetooth packets from the MySpot iOS application.

Using vibrating mini motors, the Arduino transmits various vibrating patterns depending on the type of alert wheter it's a hypotensive attack for low blood sugar levels or a hypertensive attack for high blood sugar levels. This type of micro controller is a Arduino Huzzard 32.

Nutritionix REST API

Concentrating as a Human Learning and Development major, Laurence Wingo volunteered at WellStar Atlanta Medical Center within the intensive care unit for neurology.  Prominent cases within the unit consisted of patients suffering from hemorrhagic strokes. An observation from this Atlanta population concluded that patients were either at risk prior to having a stroke or were pre-diagnosed with having diabetes. Lack of blood flow to the brain could also cause depression. According to the British Medical Journal, it is proposed that depression is the dysfunctional state arising from inadequate rates of blood flow to deliver necessary oxygen and nutrients to sustain normal tissue function in specific regions of the brain.

Using Emotiv’s Epoc+, we could possibly send triggers in an application when blood glucose levels become abnormal producing changes in neurophysiological activity.

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The Maw & Paw project was created to reinforce alert training for diabetic alert dogs. The goals is to provide a secondary cue to preform alerting behaviors when owners are having problems requiring urgent attention and treatment.

Diabetic alert dogs can detect drops or rises in blood glucose levels ahead of meters, often by 15 to 30 minutes.

Augmenting Promotional Health Campaigns

If the owners were to document eating habits in the app, then caloric intake is shared with the blood glucose levels within HealthKit on the users iPhone. If blood glucose levels rise or get too low (typically below 75 and above 200), the Maw & Paw app will send Bluetooth packets to the Arduino to alert the dog as a second cue while using heightened senses for scents of the owner. This app seeks to help dog owners with training to develop diabetic alert dogs while building the necessary life they need in return.

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Is Excess worth the frustration?

Life Expectancy as a Prediabetic

Living with excess leads to unhealthy consumerism habits such as lack of physical stimulation through exercise and poor diet choices for rewarding and subjective pleasures. A leading factor from overconsumption in the south can be in the form of diabetes. The American Diabetes Association uses the hashtag #EverydayReality on social media to connect with people and promote diabetes awareness which is the seventh leading cause of bereavement according to the CDC. Cultural stigmas in the south are usually based upon bootstrapping from nothing until there is socioeconomic movement even without necessary resources. Life moves slower in the south but can rapidly increase through the lens of consumerism, southern charm, loyalty, and being supportive to certain communities. Celebrations are commonly viewd as not applying purchasing power in moderation. Southern comfort begins to develop which occasionally leads to unnoticed risks of not everything being equal such as the brain requiring clean and appropriate blood flow to operate at its best. Unknowingly, sufferers with type 2 diabetes mellitus are 2 to 3 times more likely to suffer from mental depression whereas over 205,000 Georgia residents don't know they are at risk. Maw & Paw realizes that health management in the south can feel like being required to participate in cotillion courses in which were used for proper ettiquete courses to become southern belles or gentlemen. Our ambition is to avoid cotillion types of self care by leading by example and providing helpful content. The links below investigate life expecancy across the United States.